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Our Story

CarChem Products

Established in 1990, CarChem Products is an Australian made and owned company with a manufacturing focus, it produces and sells a wide variety of cleaning products.

CarChem Products prides itself on being an agile company able to react quickly to customer needs and requirements, a company which offers value, quality and crucial on-time delivery of its products.

Starting out with a few products focused on the heavy transport industry and vehicle dealerships, more product categories were quickly developed and brought on-line over the years to further support these and to also make the company attractive to a variety of other market sectors too.

Guided by the customer as always and to enable us to fully service our customers, new products from local distributors were introduced over the years, including cleaning equipment, safety equipment, motor trade accessories, rag and paper products.

Through many years of manufacturing experience and customer feedback, products have been introduced, refined and improved to be a preferred supplier to a wide range of industries.

With its manufacturing and warehouse facility, and through sales representative visits, distributor network, delivery runs, CarChem Products can provide a supply solution for you.

For all your automotive cleaning needs please contact us.

Australian Made

How Australian is the CarChem Products range?

CarChem Products are firm believers in supporting local Australian industry in the manufacture and sale of our cleaning products range.

The CarChem Products range is manufactured in our own Adelaide based facility; new products are formulated with the assistance of an Australian based chemist. Raw ingredients are sourced from local distributors, who employ local employees to transport, warehouse and distribute ingredients to us.

Containers, bottles and caps are sourced from local drum manufacturers and suppliers. Adhesive container labels are designed and printed using a local label printer. Product sample bottles are screen printed by a local printer.

The CarChem Products range are labelled at our Adelaide facility, filled by Australian designed and built filler equipment, stacked and wrapped at our facility, all by our own employees.

Company marketing material is printed locally, this website was designed locally and is hosted locally.

To offer the best possible product range and choice to our customers we offer alternate brands, these are sourced from our local supplier network, who again employ local employees to transport, warehouse and distribute these products to us.

In summing up, when considering cleaning products for your everyday needs, we hope that these factors are a consideration in your choice of CarChem Products as your preferred cleaning products supplier. 

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